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Dr CARLING-JENKINS (Western Metropolitan) — I rise today to congratulate Mambourin, a disability enterprise based in Western Metropolitan Region not far from my office, on its recent announcement about entering into an agreement with Australian Community Logistics. Mambourin, members of which you may have met during the Queen's Hall exhibition back in December, has exercised a great deal of diligence and community conscience in this venture, which has saved close to 300 jobs. Prior to the agreement a number of traineeships were in danger of being left incomplete; however, trainees across four locations will now be able to finish their certificate qualifications.

Further, this new venture now enables Mambourin, together with a registered training organisation, to offer traineeships in warehousing and food processing to secondary school students and adults with a disability. This is fantastic news and a shining example of what a business can achieve when the dignity of all workers is held in high esteem and deeply entrenched in the organisation's culture and values. I commend Mambourin, under the able leadership of CEO Rohan Braddy, for what it has achieved, and I wish it every success in the future.


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