Euthanasia scrutiny continues around the clock

Euthanasia scrutiny continues around the clock

Australian Conservatives continues to provide the thorough scrutiny necessary for what could become the nation's first euthanasia laws, via the Victorian parliament. 

Conservatives MLC Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins told The Age newspaper overnight "I have some serious issues with this bill and I  will be pursuing them in a methodical way. I don’t need to filibuster. This bill is 141 clauses long."

Parliament sat around-the-clock late last week, until a member of parliament was taken to hospital. Debate was then suspended, resuming this week. 

At the time of publication this morning, The Age estimated debate on the bill had run for 37 hours.  

The Ballarat Courier newspaper online further updated the story here after parliament sat through the night debating the bill.

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