“Good Luck...But not too much!” Tim Pallas

Current member for Werribee Tim Pallas has wished Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins good luck for her campaign for the seat. The Treasurer welcomed competition for the seat, "If you're a politician and you're threatened by the democratic process you're probably in the wrong game," he said.

Dr Carling-Jenkins is looking forward to the contest with the Hon. Tim Pallas in the lead up to the November poll.

Rachel Carling-Jenkins Independent for Werribee

On Tuesday, Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins announced that she would be running as an Independent Candidate for the Werribee District in the upcoming Victorian Election on the 24th of November.

Speaking to the Wyndham Weekly, Dr Carling-Jenkins said:

“I have grown to love the community of Werribee since opening up my office here almost four years ago. I will be focussing on prioritising the needs of Werribee which are often forgotten. Werribee is not just a growth corridor – it is a vibrant community which will thrive given the right opportunities.” 


Rachel renews push for Jalal’s Law

Independent candidate for the seat of Werribee, Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins, will today move to include Jalal's Law in a justice bill due for debate later today in the Parliament of Victoria. In an interview with Niel Mitchel on 3AW this morning, Dr Carling-Jenkins outlined her confidence in her chances of securing the success of Jalal's Law.

Crime and Community Safety Petition

This week, Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins presented a petition to the Legislative Council of Victoria on Crime and Community Safety. The petition was one of the highest online petitions ever tabled in the Council, receiving 1860 signatures from concerned Victorians. 

The Facebook Group, "Protect Victoria" created and promoted this petition.

VIC style abortion law set for Queensland


The Queensland Labor Government has got what it asked for from the Queensland Law reform Commission – a draft bill to fully legalise abortion up to birth, along with measures to suppress free speech around abortion facilities (denying women the last minute offer of help and a life-affirming response to a crisis pregnancy) and to override the right to freedom of conscience of health practitioners by mandating compulsory referral to an abortionist.

Rachel blasts distribution of Anti-Semitic flyers

Anti-Semitic flyers describing Jews as the enemy of education, the family unit and human rights, have been distributed around Melbourne’s inner west suburb of Footscray, alarming a leading civil rights group.


Rachel for Werribee