Onshore Gas: Lift the moratorium

Families in Werribee face economic pressure from housing prices – whether paying off a mortgage or renting – exacerbated by ever increasing energy prices.

An ideological approach to energy policy which caters to the Greens obsession with climate change and radical hostility to coal and gas is helping force up energy prices unnecessarily causing financial stress for families, the elderly and the most disadvantaged.

Remembering Jalal

Jalal Yassine-Naja lost his life on 14 March 2017, at the age of 13, after being hit by a vehicle driven by an unlicensed driver as he was walking across the road.

His mother, Olivia Yassine, was left with no justice, no sense of peace, and no real answers after the driver was merely sentenced to a few hours community service after the incident which lead to Jalal’s death was treated as an accident.

This driver simply should not have been behind the wheel and on the road.

More schools for Wyndham

Many of the new housing estates in the Wyndham area have been and are being built before primary and secondary schools are in place or even planned. Existing schools are struggling to cope and are becoming overcrowded. This has resulted in many Wyndham families having to travel long distances to simply ensure their children receive an education.

Under Victorian government policy Wyndham should have one government primary school per 3000 dwellings and one government secondary school per 9000 dwellings. Wyndham already falls far short of these benchmarks and will continue to do so under current department plans given the continued and rapid growth in this area. To say we are approaching a school shortage crisis is no exaggeration.

A New Vision for Werribee

I have a vision for the transformation of Werribee to make it a more liveable, vibrant city here in the rapidly developing West.

After consultation with local experienced civil engineer, Len Waddell, I endorse his visionary plan to seize the opportunity of removing the rail crossings at Werribee Street, Cherry Street and Hoppers Crossing to transform the urban environment of both Werribee Central and Hoppers Crossing by constructing a rail tunnel under the Werribee River.


Defending Religious Freedom

With the leaking of selected parts of the report of the Religious Freedom Review chaired by the Hon Philip Ruddock, religious freedom is back in the news.

During my first four years in the Victorian Parliament there were three attacks on religious freedom in Victoria – by the Andrews Labor Government; by the Greens; and by Fiona Patten.

Education pushed left under Labor

For years now, we have seen the Labor Party’s education policies shift further and further to the left. Their 2018 election platform on education should therefore come as no surprise, with its shameless promotion of further rolling out and entrenching its social engineering programs in schools. This is seen most blatantly in the Safe Schools and Respectful Relationships programs, which includes age-inappropriate material such as teaching 13-year-olds how to write sexually explicit ads for a personal column! 

Rachel Carling-Jenkins Independent for Werribee