Policing brothels under Conservatives' spotlight

Policing brothels under Conservatives' spotlight

Victorian Conservatives MLC Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins has asked today in Question Time whether Victorian Police are adequately focussed on policing brothels.

The question comes as Dr Carling-Jenkins receives reports that the burden is falling on councils to do police work. Her question was:

My question is for the minister representing the Minister for Police, Minister Tierney.

Recently in an answer to another question I was informed that the sex industry coordination unit, or SICU, is currently under review.

While this review drags out councils are increasingly concerned about the growing number of illegal brothels in their local government areas and a lack of policing of them. In fact some councils, such as Kingston, are taking matters into their own hands and paying private investigators to police massage parlours to see if they are actually illegal brothels.

This is simply not good enough.

Councils should not be placed in a situation where they feel their only option to keep their community safe is to use ratepayers money to police their own areas.

What is the police minister's response to councils feeling the need to police their own areas in regard to illegal brothels, and when the review of SICU is completed will there be enough resources to pick up this essential police work so that councils no longer feel they have to take matters into their own hands?

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