Treasurer Pallas asleep at the wheel

Treasurer Pallas asleep at the wheel

wnpssss.jpgAustralian Conservatives Upper House MP Rachel Carling-Jenkins has responded to an article in the Wyndham Star Weekly by Victoria’s Labor Treasurer Tim Pallas which was published last month titled “Our community needs to be safe”.

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Dr Carling-Jenkins said, “Mr Pallas says that reports of crime require context. I agree. Mr Pallas is keen to tell us that crime in Wyndham fell by more than 10 per cent in 2017. However he fails to mention that certain violent crimes have actually increased and at a much higher rate in Wyndham than in the rest of Victoria.”

“Sexual offences in Wyndham increased by a massive 63% in 2017 and aggravated robberies by 27%. For both these crimes this increase was nearly four times that in Victoria as a whole. Common assaults in Wyndham increased by nearly 15% in 2017 more than double the overall increase in Victoria,” Dr Carling Jenkins said.

“Residential aggravated burglaries showed no significant change neither in Victoria as whole nor in Wyndham. However this means that there were still 119 families in Wyndham in 2017, and 3,228 in Victoria as a whole, who suffered the fear and trauma of a home invasion,” she went on.

“To acknowledge a problem is not fearmongering. It is the necessary first step towards finding a real solution. Wyndham police are facing extreme pressure from the demands placed on them by a growing population, as well as by the particular local issues driving higher rates of increase in some violent crimes,” she said.

“Wyndham is one of the fastest growing local government areas in Victoria and indeed the whole of Australia, with the population forecast to nearly double between 2016 and 2036.”

“Mr Pallas mentioned how the government has built the Wyndham North police station and is expanding the police station in Werribee. However, Wyndham North police station is closed from 11pm to 7am, leaving the local community at greater risk during the night."

Dr Carling-Jenkins said, “The people of Point Cook have been crying out for a police station of their own for several years now. I have been listening to their concerns and have raised this issue in the Victorian Parliament.”

“Political posturing will not solve the crime problem. The people of Wyndham deserve an honest recognition of the scale of the problem and an empowered, well-manned police force on the ground urgently,” she said.

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